If you're instead looking for information regarding being hacked, please take a look at this article.

Adopt Me! currently only offers assistance in returning items that were lost as a result of some scam types. Please be careful and keep your items safe; once they're gone, they're gone!

What scam methods should I be wary of?

Private Server Links

A user may offer a trade on social media that is such an overpay you would be a fool not to take it. They will send you a private message regarding the trade, and they'll tell you to join them in their private server, or give you a link to their profile to add them. The link will always have a tell-tale sign that they are fake, as there may be extra letters or letters that have been replaced. To make a trade, you do not need to join their private server, and to add them you can search their username, you do not need to click on any links. Please do not click any links that you are unsure of. 

Trust Trades

A trust trade consists of one player giving another user their items to show their trust, with the promise that they'll get a better pet in return. There is no purpose behind a trust trade, and if a user genuinely wanted to give you that item, they would have already given it to you. Please do not accept a trade or give a user anything unless they have put fair items in their side of the trade window. 

Cross Trading

Cross trading is the act of trading Adopt Me items for any of the following:

  • Goods and/or services
  • Items in other Roblox experiences
  • Items in other games
  • Robux/Real Money

Please note that the use of a middle man (mm) service/individual is also considered cross trading. A middle man is a person who handles the cross trade on the behalf of both players.

Cross trading is against both our and Roblox's guidelines, and is a punishable offence for all parties involved.

You can learn more about cross trading here.

Providing Services (House Decorating / Pet Sitting)

Players may offer to help you with home decorating or help raise your pet in exchange for either access to your Adopt Me home or being able to hold onto your pet for you.

Unless you know the player personally, it is always best to be cautious and not accept these services. This is because it is always possible for a player to steal your pet or ruin your home build in an attempt to scam you.

Bucks Selling

Sometimes a player may offer to give you bucks in exchange for one of your pets. Aside from the Lemonade Stand, Cotton Candy Stand, and Hot Dog Stand there is no way to give bucks to other players.

If it can't go into the Adopt Me trading grid, it is likely a scam. Always be careful and don't accept trades that offer bucks.

18+ Trades

A scammer may offer you a large trade in exchange for you giving more valuable items. 

Remember, there is a cap of 18 items per trade. Any trade that goes over this amount should not be done, or should be readjusted to fit within that 18 limit. This is in order to ensure that scammer doesn't take your pets and then leave before fulfilling their end of the deal.


Look out for giveaways that require you either pay  Robux/real money or give a pet/item in order to enter. These can also include giveaways on various social media platforms, including Twitter/X, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Discord.

Also look out for fake Uplift Games accounts claiming you have won a giveaway and asking you to join a private server. Uplift Games Staff will never ask you to join a private server to claim items from a giveaway, and will instead at them directly to your account.


Always check the username of the player you are trading with before making your trade.

Sometimes, scammers will create a fake Roblox account or change their Roblox Display Name to match the name of a friend or family member, just changing out certain letters that look similar (for example a lowercase L (l) instead of an uppercase I (I).)

If a friend is asking you to prove your trust by trading items to your friend and then having the friend trade them back to you, they are likely starting to set up a username scam. 

Donation (Poor/New Player)

Sometimes, scammers will pretend to be new players or poor players in an attempt to get rare items for free.

While there is nothing wrong with donating pets that you do not wish to keep, always make sure if you are donating pets that you are okay with the pet you are donating and who you are donating it to.

Never donate a pet that you have an attachment to or be pressured into donating something you are not comfortable with losing. If a player is pressuring you or insisting, please report them using Roblox's Report Abuse button on the player's profile and log out of Adopt Me. Then you can log back into a new server and continue your time on Adoption Island!

Pick A Door

Pick a Door is a scam method in which the player sets up a game in their Adopt Me home asking players to trade a pet to the owner and then select a door in the house, promising the potential of a prize.

If a player is asking you to give a pet to play any game that could potentially give you a pet, this is likely a scam developed to take your hard earned pet away. 


A player will ask for your pet so they can duplicate the pet and give you multiple of that pet back.

Pet duplication is not possible within Adopt Me, and any methods of duplication found are almost immediately patched upon being found; as well as this, players who are caught with knowingly duplicated items have their game access restricted.

Therefore, it is unwise to give your items to a player who promises to duplicate it as they can't, and if they can, all players involved will be banned.


A player may come up to you claiming to be either a member of Uplift Games Staff or an Adopt Me influencer asking you to give them items or claiming to give you free items in exchange for rarer ones. They may even threaten to use "Admin" commands to ban you from Adopt Me!

Neither a member of our staff, nor an Influencer, will ask you for your items for any reason. You can easily identify a true member of Uplift Games by their username being Purple with a purple butterfly next to it.

You can identify an Adopt Me Influencer (who is a member of our Influencer program) with the yellow username and golden star next to it. Please note Influencers do not have the ability to ban other players.

An image of an Adopt Me! Influencer as part of the Influencer Program, showing their Roblox Avatar with their golden yellow nametag above their head with a star to the left of the name.   An image of an Adopt Me! Staff Member as part of the Uplift Games team, showing their Roblox Avatar with their purple nametag above their head with a butterfly to the left of the name.  

Item Removal

Sometimes during a trade, a player may attempt to remove an item at the last second during the initial trade creation.

It is always important during the trading process to not blindly hit the accept button. You will always be given a second chance to view the trade to ensure no changes have been made before you fully accept it. If something seems off, deny it.

Fake Adopt Me! Game

You may find other experiences on Roblox that either claim to be Adopt Me or claim to allow you to get free pets, out of game pets, or discounted pets.

All of these games are scams designed to take your hard earned Robux in exchange for nothing.

The true, legitimate Adopt Me can always be found here. Always look for the Uplift Games group with Roblox's verified checkmark before entering any experience that claims to be Adopt Me.

What actions should I take after being scammed?

If you've been scammed, don't panic!

The first thing you should always do is report the trades in-game. Please refer to our "How do I report a scam?" section below for instructions on how to do this.

Once you have done this, visit the scammer's Roblox profile and report them using the red Report Abuse button. This will make sure that Roblox moderation is aware of the issue and can investigate it further.

How do I report a scam?

You can report a scam by using the Trade License either in the Safety Hub or in your toy inventory.

Simply find the trade you would like to report > Select Report > Pick the reason why and fill out the form. This will be sent off to our support team, who can use the information in order to catch and stop scammers.

How do I prevent getting scammed?

There are many ways to avoid scams, but some of the easiest methods you can use are:

  • Don't engage in trades that require you to go outside of the Adopt Me trading grid.
  • Never do a trade where you have to go first. All items should be given at the same time.
  • Don't click on links you don't trust or that you can't verify are safe.
  • Don't trade for Bucks, Robux, Roblox Inventory Items, or items in other games
  • Always carefully check the username of who you are trading with.
  • Double check the trade before accepting on the second screen. 
  • If a trade sounds too good to be true, it probably is! 

How do I spot a scammer?

There are many ways a user can scam, and the most common scam methods have been explained above, which also all show what a scammer may say or do to iniate the scam, and so there is no one single identifiable feature about a scammer. However, you can use the methods above to identify when you might be getting scammed. 

You should also look out for:

  • Someone offering a really valuable item for something not so valuable. If a trade is too good to be true, it probably is. 
  • Someone sending a link.
  • Someone telling you they'll give you an item outside of the trading window.
  • Someone telling you they'll do something for you in return. 
  • Someone who says they are someone they aren't.