The short answer is no. Cross trading is a bannable offense not only within Adopt Me, but within Roblox itself as well. We've set up a few Frequently Asked Questions below to give some more information on the subject.

What is Cross Trading?

Cross trading is the act of trading Adopt Me items for any of the following:

  • Goods and/or services
  • Items in other Roblox experiences
  • Items in other games
  • Robux/Real Money

Please note that the use of a middle man (mm) service/individual is also considered cross trading. A middle man is a person who handles the cross trade on the behalf of both players.

What is wrong with Cross Trading?

  • Cross trading can result in being scammed out of items not only in Adopt Me, but potential loss of items from other experiences or real money.
  • Purchasing items on websites such eBay and Facebook Marketplace can encourage businesses based around scamming other players out of their items.
  • Cross trading is also against Roblox's Terms of Service, which can result in account termination if discovered.

How does Adopt Me Support handle reports of Cross Trading?

  • Cross trading reports are handled on a case-by-case basis and can depend on the level of offense. Extreme cases can result in a permanent ban from our experience.

How can I avoid Cross Trading?

  • If it can't go in the trading grid in-game, it is likely considered cross trading - don't trade for items outside of the Adopt Me trading grid.
  • If you are aware of someone who is engaging in cross trading, or a website/creator that is encouraging cross trading, please report the player's Roblox profile.