What are the common signs that I’ve been hacked?

If you suspect that you may have been hacked or simply want to know what to look out for, then here are some indicators that your account has been hacked:

  • You log-in to notice that some or all of your rare pets have gone missing
  • You have Robux purchase or Gamepass items that you don’t remember purchasing
  • Your account login details have been changed without your permission

If you notice any of these things on your account, it’s best to take precautions to secure your account.

I’ve been hacked, what do I do?

Here are some simple and effective steps that’ll help you regain control of your account and make sure you never get hacked again:

Step 1: Setup and new secure password

  • If you can access your account: 
    • Go to your Roblox account settings via the gear in the top-right corner in a browser, or tap the three dots on your mobile app and then tap the ‘Settings’ button.
    • Select the ‘Account Info’ tab and then press the change password button (which looks like a pencil and paper).
    • Fill in the required fields with your old password and then your new, secure password, then press “Update”
  • If you cannot access your account, but can access your account’s linked email address
    • Go to Roblox’s login screen and press “Forgot Password or Username?”
    • Under the “Password” tab, enter in your account’s linked email address and press “Submit”. If your email address is still linked to the account, you’ll receive an email with a password reset link. Follow the instructions provided in the email to set up a strong, secure new password.
  • If you cannot access your account or your linked email address, send a ticket to Roblox’s support team with the category “Account Hacked or Can’t Log in” 

Step 2: Enable 2 Step Verification

  • Once you’ve setup a new password and logged into your account, enabling 2 Step Verification is a crucial step in securing your account against future threats as it creates an extra layer of protection against password theft. You can do this via the following steps:  
    • Go to your Roblox account settings via the gear in the top-right corner in a browser, or tap the three dots on your mobile app and then tap the ‘Settings’ button.
    • Select the ‘Security’ tab, then tap the slider next two ‘Retrieve codes from an authenticator app to confirm your identity’ to enable the setting
      • You do also have the option to do this through email, however, we recommend authenticator apps as they are safer.
  • This means that you will either receive an email whenever there is a login to your Roblox account from a new device, with a code you will need to put in to access your account, or need to enter a code from an authenticator app each time you wish to log in

How to prevent being hacked again

Always use 2 Step Verification (2SV)

Using 2 step verification almost entirely prevents people from accessing your account without also having access to your email. If your email provider has an option for 2 Step Verification, look into activating it! Once you have 2 Step Verification enabled  on both your email and Roblox account, you’ll be more secure than ever before! Please see step 2 above to learn how to enable 2-step verification onto your Roblox account.

Keep your details private

You should never give out your password to anyone other than your parent or guardian, as even your best buds may use it to steal from you! Be sure to never post your account’s login information on Roblox or social media. Members of Roblox’s or Adopt Me’s staff teams will never ask for your password, so never give out your password to anyone who asks for it!

Always log out of your Roblox account when you are done playing

If you’ve logged into your account on a device that you don’t own, whether it be a school computer or a friend’s tablet, it’s possible that the device still has your login information saved. Make sure to always log out of any device that you don’t own once you’re done playing. 

You can also log out of any unknown devices by using Roblox’s “Secure Sign Out” feature, which logs you out of all devices you’re logged in to other than the one that you’re currently using. To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Go to your Roblox account settings via the gear in the top-right corner in a browser, or tap the three dots on your mobile app and then tap the ‘Settings’ button.
  • Select the ‘Security’ tab, then tap the ‘sign out’ button in the ‘Secure Sign Out’ section.

Use this feature often so you can make sure you're only logged into the devices that you own and regularly use.

Avoid suspicious requests

If someone tells you something that seems too good to be true, whether it be on social media or in-game, then it’s most likely a scam intended to steal your information or gain access to your account. If someone promises you Robux, Adopt Me items, or real-world money in exchange for your password or as a reward for a seemingly easy task, you should block their account and report them on Roblox if possible.  

Adopt Me staff will never ask you to join a private server or login to your account on a different website. If you win in an official competition held by Adopt Me you will receive your items directly in your inventory.

Know what to look out for

Hackers commonly use phishing sites to steal info. These sites are designed to look exactly like official company websites in order to get victims to enter in sensitive information such as their passwords and credit card details.

If someone tells you to log in to a site that appears to be Roblox, it’s most likely a scam! Always log-in to the official Roblox page to avoid having your information stolen.

Will Adopt Me recover stolen items?

As of October 25th, 2022, Adopt Me Support has put a temporary pause on reversing trades that occurred during account hacks.

During this time, we strongly urge contacting Roblox Support in order to get a potential refund of Robux, as well as ensuring your account is secure.