Test Lab is a test server where players can test and experience updates before they are added to the main Adopt Me servers. Nothing you do in the Test Lab will be saved - player data is wiped often, meaning you lose all your progress. 

How can I test Adopt Me in the Test Lab?

Players playing the main game will be randomly selected to join the Test Lab with a pop-up. You can also join the Test Lab by finding it in the available Experiences by DreamCraft, or by using this short link: https://testlab.playadopt.me 

Only trust links shared by our official @ PlayAdoptMe social media accounts and our official websites. If another player is claiming to get you into the server and giving you a completely different link, they might be trying to scam you. You can learn more about scamming prevention and help here.


The Test Lab is private! How can I get the permissions to join/when will I be able to test?

The Test Lab will be available to everyone during testing times - we’ll open it when we want to test features, but we don’t want players to spend time playing on that server outside of active testing. We’ll share updates on active testing on our social media and our Discord server! You can also Follow the Test Lab on Roblox and get notifications when we go live: https://testlab.playadopt.me

You can join the official Adopt Me! Discord here: https://discord.gg/adoptme

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/PlayAdoptMe/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlayAdoptMe

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@PlayAdoptMe

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/


What will we be able to test?

We’ll use the Test Lab to get feedback on new features and occasionally test big changes before they’re added to the main game, like core gameplay changes, without worrying about messing up the game for a lot of players! We’ll test things like new ailments, changes to the economy, trading, etc - we’ll share details about these experiments on our social media!


I saw X change in the Test Lab! Does this mean it will be added to the main game?

All changes to the Test Lab are experimental, which means we can change things around and experiment with how the game works without affecting the main game. New features will be added to the main game once they’re tested and developed enough to release, but that doesn’t mean all features we test will eventually be added to the main game. Test Lab is a place for us to test things that don’t work, too!


What will be in my inventory in the Test Lab? 

All backpacks are completely emptied in the Test Lab, and we will give you items depending on what we want to test! Don’t get attached to your Test Lab backpack - player data will be wiped often, and all your progress will be lost. 


Can I build in the Test Lab using the free Bucks?

You can use the Bucks you get to build, but we don’t recommend putting much time into your creations - player data will be wiped often, so all your progress will be lost. 


Will anything I do in the Test Lab affect my main account? 

No! That is the point of the Test Lab - we can do anything we want, without worrying about the consequences of our actions!!! (but not like, being hateful to other players)


How will you gather my feedback?

To make sure we are getting feedback from as many players as we can, we’ll gather data based on how each player interacts with the new features, and what they spend their time on the most - this means you will be helping us just by playing. There will also be more direct in-game surveys to fill out, and as always, you can share your feedback with us on our Discord and by tagging us @ PlayAdoptMe on all other social media.