This article gives a basic outline of our Community Guidelines. For specific rules, please review our Comprehensive Community Guidelines article.

Adopt Me is a family-friendly game and community, and we ask that all language, topics and behaviour in-game and within our community be family-friendly. We have a zero-tolerance policy for anything NSFW or purposefully controversial, and behaviour such as can see you banned from the game and our community platforms. This includes anything sexual, violent, serious physical or mental health issues, self-harm, profanity, illicit substances, or anything else that is not family-friendly in nature.

Be Nice! - We want everyone who plays Adopt Me to have the best time possible. Adopt Me welcomes everyone, no matter where you're from or who you are. We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind. Our community has no place for users who harass and target other players, in-game or on social media. If someone is being mean, you should block them and switch servers immediately. You can also report these users in-game.

Simply: If it's not something you would say to your friend or sibling, you shouldn't say it here!


Be Fair! - Everyone in our community works hard for their items and dedicates time to their collection. To keep things fair and safe, we recommend that every Adopt Me player only plays on their own account, and doesn’t share accounts with anyone. Illegal trading is against our rules - this is any trade where you buy or trade pets/items for real-world money, Robux or other Roblox items. 

Simply: Illegal trading and sharing accounts will get your Roblox account banned, it’s not worth it!


Be Safe! - By being safe, you can always count on looking after yourself and your friends on Adopt Me and Roblox as a whole. This includes sharing accounts or personal information. Personal information is exactly that, personal. This includes your full name, your full birthday, your address, phone number, email or any other identifying information or contact details.

Simply: Your personal information is yours, and it's not to be shared!

If someone DMs you a link to a private server, they are likely trying to scam you - do not click it! 

For more information about scam prevention, click here. 


Be Sensible! - Adopt Me is a place for everything fun and silly, a virtual playground for you and your friends. It’s an escape from the real world, if only for a little while. Adopt Me is not a place for arguments or heated debates with the intent to harm or upset other players. In line with Being Nice, all community members should be considerate when interacting with each other. This includes talking about religion, race, gender, politics or violent real-world events.

Simply: Adopt Me is a safe space, and let's keep it like that!